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Innovative solution

OGO Security is a French company created in 2018, which offers the first artificial intelligence-based protection solution for websites and web applications, without installation or security administration. 
The OGO Security solution has been awarded by the i-Lab competition in 2018, by Orange Fab in 2019 and has been successfully audited many times.

Ambition and vision

OGO Security’s ambition is to make cybersecurity simple and accessible by offering protection services based on artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis. Hackers have no ethics. They attack any company, whether it is a CAC40 company, a hospital, a local authority or a very small company. To protect companies, traditional tools are obsolete. They require too much human intervention, too many technical resources, complex integration and often generate too many involuntary blockages. Faced with this situation, we need to offer new services that are both simple and autonomous, accessible to all types of companies. To meet this need, our product strategy is based on artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis. 
Our vision: Protecting usage, not protecting against an attack. 
This vision differs from traditional cybersecurity, which mainly tries to protect against the exploitation of a vulnerability or to protect against an attack, even if this means blocking the normal use of the protected asset. Our vision is that the protection should not hinder the normal use of the protected asset. It is therefore the use of the resource that should determine the protection to be applied while guaranteeing its proper functioning. Anything outside the standard use will be considered dangerous by our solutions. Conversely, our AI engines must automatically adapt to any change in the operation of the resource. 
Our goal: To become the leading European provider of AI-based cybersecurity services and behavioral analysis. 
Our AI engine has been developed to meet all uses. Around this engine, we have implemented our first service for the protection of websites and applications.