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Managed Services

OGO Security’s Managed Services offer is the certainty of having your own artificial intelligence adapted to your web environment while benefiting from the global feedback of the shared offer.

The benefits : 


Learning Mode Deployment

Install, deploy and configure the solution in learning mode to examine the behavior of normal and malicious traffic. 

AI Tuning (250 parameters)

Tuning the AI criteria according to the alerts received

Acceptance test

Verification of the application’s behavior with the client. The result of this step is a Verbal Acceptance Report.

Switching to blocking mode

Detecting suspicious incoming traffic and blocking these requests so that they cannot reach the application


Monthly security report

Reports on security incidents, their impacts and the remediation measures implemented 

Adaptation of AI rules

Adaptation of AI rules according to traffic evolution 

Regular updates with your teams

The objective is to discuss blocked attacks and possible optimizations to be implemented.