Protect and accelerate your web sites and applications with .OGO

OGO Security combines Artificial Intelligence and behavioural analysis to ensure the security and reliability of your internal and external web resources, while freeing up your operational resources

A 100% GDPR compliant solution to protect your personal data 

Protect your web applications in 3 mins


Zero Rules

Intuitive interface

No Management


Artificial Intelligence

Behavorial analysis

No false positives


Flow acceleration

Analysis < 5ms

SaaS or On-premise


All data remains in Europe

French solution

Artificial Intelligence protects you

No false positives - Zero Rules

OGO uses advanced behavioural analysis algorithms to model the usage of your web application and define an ideal behavior. 

Zero-day protection

Zero-day exploits are thwarted by denying traffic that does not conform to your application’s usage pattern. 

API Protection

OGO protects your sites and APIs against all types of brute force attacks with its Smart Rate Limiting (SRL) technology

Real-time dashboard

View your traffic status in real time with a simple and intuitive dashboard. 

Sites in blocking mode
0 %
Of false positives
0 %
Billions of requests analyzed per month
Million attacks blocked per month

They trust us

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After comparing WAFs on the market, we chose the OGO Security solution, which met both our security requirements and those of our customers. In addition to the power of the OGO solution, our technical teams also studied and appreciated the ease of implementation and management of the solution


OGO Security's WAF technology has allowed us to greatly enhance the protection of our applications and websites while requiring low administration time


Choosing OGO Security means working with a French editor, available and reactive. The simplicity of the implementation allowed a quick protection and an increased feeling of security.